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CutWorks is an independent/solo architectural practice led by principal David Cuthbert, a Registered Architect & Project Manager. We create inviting spaces, inspired by our tropical environment that is contemporary/modern, open and timeless.

CutWorks extends their professional vocation by a social commitment through community outreach and voluntarism to various non-project and non-government organizations regionally and internationally.

David Cuthbert is an experienced Registered Architect having practiced in Montserrat and Jamaica on a number of residential, educational, commercial and healthcare facilities throughout the Caribbean. David continues to utilize his acquired skills, abilities and competences to effectively and efficiently execute the design, planning, and administering of architectural projects. He also seeks to maintain effective team relationships, with his keen interests in expert project reporting, supervision and management.

David Cuthbert is

  • a Registered Architect in Jamaica and is licensed to practice for 2017.
  • a member of the Jamaican Institute of Architects.
  • a Justice of Peace for the Parish of Kingston


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